Bodhi Tree Yoga College

The Bodhi Tree Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive program covering the essentials of hatha yoga instruction from asana and pranayama to anatomy, meditaiton, history, philosophy, and sanskrit.  Colin Hall and Sarah Garden have been training yoga teachers for almost a decade.  Teachers graduating from our program have taught locally and internationally.  We have graduated and continue to train many of the provinces most sought after and respected yoga teachers.

We believe that good yoga teachers do more than teach people how to stretch and read inspirational quotes.  Good yoga teachers have experienced the healing and transformative power of yoga.  Good teachers have taken the time necessary to become strong and grounded in their physical practice.  They are patient, compassionate, intellgent, mindful in speech and action, and have a great deal of respect for the yoga tradition.  Our teacher training program provides our students with the skills to demonstrate and teach the basics of yoga postures, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation.  Our program aims for more than just teaching people sequences of postures.  We aim to create genuine change in people's lives so that they can become a living example of the healing and transformative of yoga.

Our teacher training program is not quick and easy.  We realize there are programs that promise certification in a couple weekends and ask for little to nothing in the way of pre-requisites or prior yoga experience.  We believe that genuine yogic transformation takes consistent practice over time.