Workshops and Events at Bodhi Tree

The Joy of Breath the Joy of Voice

With David Wilson

The Joy of Breath

Our respiratory system is our only mechanism that crosses between both the autonomic and somatic nervous systems. Managing and alteringour breathing gives us access and control over EVERYTHING about us - our thoughts, emotions, feelings, as well as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health can all be helped by the breath.

This fun and accessible workshop we will explore pranayama in conjunction with natural breathing techniques. This workshop is about decreasing the effects of anxiety, panic disorders, chronic pain, acid reflux, COPD, chronic coughing, asthma and chronic fatigue. It is also about empowerment, strength, joy, energy, ease, creativity, and just plain feeling better. Discover increased physical energy, mental clarity, spiritual awareness and sense of well-being that comes with a deeper connection to breath.

The Joy of Voice

We will explore the magical relationships between body, breath and voice. This meta-connection brings better health, greater ease of movement, increased power to communicate and improved capacity to express and create. Strength, confidence and serenity soon follow. This vocal journey will be about speaking and/or chanting with greater ease, power and joy. Utilizing yoga, breath-work, core exploration and functional vocal pedagogy, we will explore the release of muscle tension, freedom of breath, power of core, and the unleashing of your Full Voice. If you have ever had any doubts or questions about your ability to speak with clarity, sing high notes, support long phrases, voice for the actor, communicate a text, or wish for increased creativity in your life, this is the masterclass for you.  

Saturday April 29th-The Joy of Breath 10 AM - 5 PM $130

Sunday April 30th-The Joy of Voice 9AM - 4 PM $130

or $225 for the whole weekend


Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

with Tina Hnatiuk

May 12: 6-9 PM

May 13: 10 AM-5 PM

May 14: 9AM-5PM


Do you want to become a stronger and more confident teacher who empowers and inspires their students?

If you’re in the process of taking a teacher training or already have your 200 hours, it doesn’t take long to realize how much you don’t know and that can feel overwhelming.

You might look at your favourite teachers and wonder, “How did they become so strong, confident, and inspiring?”

It must take years, right?

Nope, I’ve seen HUGE transformations in only a weekend.

The Vinyasa Teacher Training will teach you how to become the teacher you’ve always wanted to be without stumbling for years to get there.

I know you are someone special. Yoga has changed your life and now you want to share that gift with the world and help change others. Knowledge is important, but it's how you deliver it that is what is going to make your classes impactful, fun, and life changing.

Vinyasa is the dance of breath, body, and spirit. With the right guidance, you can take your classes from being adequate, to transformational and it all comes from you:

Your voice, your experiences, and that something unique that makes you YOU.

This is how I've become a sought-after teacher both in Calgary and then again in Regina, and I will teach you how to do this too.

You’ll learn valuable skills like…

-          How to use your authentic voice to build connection.

-          Basic and advanced principles of sequencing.

-          Building sequences using themes.

-          Adjustments, demonstrations, and pacing.

-          Managing big classes and modifications for mixed level classes.

-          Strengthen your teaching skills and be a confident teacher.

-          Language that leads.

-          The 4 main components of Vinyasa yoga.

-          How to create a rich, inspiring, and empowering experience for your students.

This is for yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainees who…

-          Want to sharpen their skills and up level their teaching.

-          Crave new ways to creatively sequence and organize their classes.

-          Genuinely want to be and give their best to their students.

-          Love yoga and want to inspire, not only teach poses.

-          Enjoy learning and supporting each other in a fun and engaging group setting.

-           Would love to become a strong, authentic, and empowered teacher.

Who am I?

Tina Hnatiuk has been a popular and sought after yoga teacher and life coach for over 10 years both in Calgary and Regina. She’s had the pleasure of being invited to teach at yoga festivals such as Camp Yoga and Prana Yoga Festival and her insights and musings have been featured in Huffington Post, Prairies North, and Pink Magazine.

Her adoring fans and students have claimed she has a “glowing energy that is contagious,” and one woman called her “precious gem with the gifted ability to empower others.

And when she’s not teaching yoga and coaching, you can find this mamma walking her chocolate lab, teaching yoga classes, and occasionally binge watching Chelsea Handler.