Workshops and Events at Bodhi Tree

108 Days - Move Your Bodhi 

with Sarah Garden

A day by day approach to get you moving.  108 Days to Move Your Bodhi.  

The term Bodhi means to be awake.  This program is designed to get you awake, aware, and moving in ways that are enjoyable and that your body craves.  

This is not your average movement or exercise program.  This program approaches your body, breath, and mind as an integrated whole. 


You are already moving, maybe not as much as you would like to or as much as you need to but you already integrating some movement into your daily routine -even if that movement is  just walking to and from the car to the house.  Learn how to integrate more movement in small manageable bites.  

This program provides you with practices to:

  1. Create awareness- Tune into your body and how you move. Become aware of how your body is a connected whole and how the movement of a particular part effects the whole and the whole effects the particular part.

  2. Move More and Move Better-Integrate more movement throughout your day. Move more of you- integrate the smaller movements into larger movement patterns.  Discover how movement can improve everything from your mental health to your immune system.  

    3. Strengthen and Co-ordinate- Move everything from your big toe joint, to the arches of your feet, to your hips, to your back, to your jaw and everything in between.  Once each part is awake, aware, and moving you will learn simple strengthening and co-ordinating practices to help you move with greater strength. 

    This program is designed for everyone from yogis, to couch potatoes, to fitness fanatics.  Learn to move with greater ease, balance, co-ordination, and strength. 

     $108 that’s just $1 a day

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This program will be delivered via a closed facebook group as well as through email.  It will be a daily email and practice that can be read and/or watched on video.  Any questions please email

an email has been sent out to all participants with the password for the online course. If you are just signing up please email to get the password and introductory email.

Trauma Informed Teacher Training

with Tiffany Rose

A 25 hour introduction to trauma informed yoga for yoga teachers.


This course will give participants insight and ability to increase trauma awareness in their current offerings.

We will explore trauma theory through the lens of western psychological treatment and the ways in which yoga and eastern medicine intersect with this approach.

Discussion and analysis of ways in which yoga can provide support and how our language, teaching methodologies, traditions and perceptions can be shifted to become more inclusive.

We will explore recent discoveries in trauma theory which validate yoga and other mindfulness practices and contraindicated certain others.

Required Reading:
Overcoming Trauma through Yoga by: David Emerson
Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be familiar with the evolution of trauma theory and the current approach/best practices for working with people living with the effects of trauma.


Participants will become familiar with trauma informed teaching tools such as trauma informed language, physical contact, boundary awareness and how to create a safer more inclusive environment.

Participants will gain a basic understanding of the physiology of the nervous system and how it relates to trauma.

This training is highly interactive and collaborative in nature, we brainstorm together and work on grounded options for making our imperfect settings and circumstances more accessible.

Enter promo code “unguru” before Feb 10th for $25.00 off.

Birth Prep Through Yoga

w/Karen Herriot



Float and Flow

w/Colin Hall


Enjoy a one hour float and a one hour soothing restorative flow class, all in one evening of relaxing indulgence. There are only 12 spaces available, so book yours right now. You have the option of floating before or after the yoga class...either way you can expect one of the most nurturing and restful experiences of your life. 

***after you register please contact Float Now Yqr to book your float tank (Price includes float).***