Yoga For Backs


The first program in Bodhi Tree Yoga Therapy, the Yoga for Backs program is specifically designed for each individual that takes the class.  Before entering into the class each student meets with Sarah for a private assessment to begin developing an individualized program.  Change your postural alignment, find greater ease in movement, and move your body out of pain.  Learn the skills to take charge of your own body, find balance, and build strength.  

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Students in this program learn how to change simple habits to improve their quality of life.  Learn how to sit, stand, and walk in ways that will create alignment and integration.

  This program has improved the quality of life of many students suffering from chronic pain, injury, and degenerative issues.  Though called Yoga For Backs this program is inclusive of all joint related issues and many other illnesses.  If you are wondering if this is a good fit for you give us a call or email us at