Tapas Spring 2019


One week of $5 sampler classes to tempt your palette with a delectable assortment of yoga sweets, treats, and heartbeats to get you bouncing into Spring. ⁣

Register at our website in advance as classes will fill up.⁣ ⁣

Now...what's on the menu, you ask?⁣ ⁣ TUESDAY⁣

915-1015 Gentle Bodhi w/Karen⁣

1030-1130 Meditation w/Colin⁣

145-245 Relax & Renew w/Diane⁣

545-645 Bodhi One w/Kathy⁣

545-645 Hot Core Flow w/Vicky⁣

715-815 Rest & Restore w/Lauren⁣


1030-1130 Warm Bodhi Bliss w/Colin⁣

615 -715 Hot Bodhi Align w/Kayleigh⁣

730-830 Hot Bodhi Flow w/Jason⁣ ⁣


9-1000 Bodhi Flow w/Kendra⁣

1015-1115 Aroma Bliss w/Kendra⁣

545-645 Bodhi One w/Jill⁣

730-830 Warm Slow Flow w/Jason⁣ ⁣


10-11 Relax & Renew w/Diane⁣

1210-1250 Afternoon Delight w/Colin⁣ 515-615 Bodhi Bliss & Fow w/Jason⁣

630-730 Hot Bodhi Flow w/Jason ⁣

745-845 Bodhi Shake w/Colin⁣ ⁣


845-945 Bodhi Flow w/Vicky⁣

10-11 Bodhi One w/Danielle⁣ ⁣


1030-1130 Hips & Hams w/Erica⁣

1145-1245 Neck & Shoulders w/Meagan⁣ 415-515 Bodhi Flow w/Vicky⁣

530-630 Warm Bodhi Bliss w/Vicky⁣ 645-745 Hot Bodhi Flow w/Jason

Tapas Fall 2018! $5 drop-ins from Aug. 27 - Sept. 9

Often imitated, never duplicated. You just can't find a better teachers, better classes or a better way to kick off fall than with our Tapas schedule. Five dollar drop-ins mean you can sample different classes and find the perfect fit for you. Here are some highlights:


  • Strong Bodhi with Nicky Thera! Nicky is a Kinesiologist, personal trainer, and certified yoga teacher. This class uses yoga to build your strength and make you fee like the powerful yogi you are.
  • Gentle Bodhi with Karen Fahlman! If you want to learn yoga but are looking to dip your toes in the pool rather than diving in, this one is for you.
  • Warm, Slow Bodhi Flow with Jason! Its not hot, but just warm enough to melt away some tension along with smooth, atmospheric music and Jason's exquisitely crafted flows.
  • Hip Hop Hot Yoga with Vicky! Classic hip hop from the 90s along with new hits make a surprisingly awesome soundtrack for an energetic, uplifting, and hilarious class with one of the most beloved yoga teachers in Regina.
  • Early morning Bodhi Flow with Sharma! Get week off to the right start with a smooth, graceful vinyasa flow. 645am-745am on Monday morning!



Summer Sizzler is Back!

Summer in the city can be a beautiful thing, especially with unlimited classes at Bodhi Tree! Our schedule has a wide variety of classes to choose from so you can practice every day and always be learning something new. Passes go on sale at the Cathedral Arts Festival Street Fair on May 26th. 

These passes sell out fast, so your best bet is to come down to the street fair on Saturday and buy your pass at the studio. If there are passes left after Saturday they will be available online until they are all gone.

Scroll down to have a look at our amazing summer schedule!


Bodhi Collective - 54 Days of Integral Yoga


Yoga is not something that needs to happen on a sticky mat, in a studio, or by your self. Yoga is about how you live in your body, but also how you live in your mind and in the world. We believe that yogis are caring, creative, and courageous people who can make a difference in building a more thoughtful and just society.

Join The Bodhi Collective Now

We have never hosted a 30-day yoga challenge.  We think they are boring and not all that much of a challenge. If all you do is practice some poses for 30 days, what exactly is being challenged or changed?



We like to do things differently. Bigger. Better.


Bodhi Collective is more than another yoga challenge. It is an opportunity to deepen your yoga practice in ways you haven’t imagined.

Do you want to explore and expand your idea of what yoga is? Do you want to be a part of something new, exciting, and leading-edge in modern yoga?


Bodhi Collective will take you on a journey that goes far beyond the postures. It will challenge you to integrate yoga into almost every aspect of your life. Bodhi Collective will take what you practice on your mat and help to integrate that with how you live in your community.

What is included?

  •   Unlimited drop-in classes for two months
  •   One Bodhi Collective workshop per week (Thursday nights from 730-9pm)
  •   Weekly emails with daily practices, readings, practices, meet-ups, and opt-in community             assignments
  •   Daily emails with suggestions for on and off the mat yoga practices
  •   Private Facebook group
  •   20% off all workshops at Bodhi Tree Yoga
  •   10% clothing, props, and accessories at Bodhi Boutique

All this for only $216

Think of this like a yogic “choose your own adventure.” You can opt-in for as many or as few of the opportunities as you choose. Here is a idea of what the 54 days will look like:

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 2.42.30 PM.png

One last thing...this is going to be FUN! If you can't enjoy yourself, have a few laughs, and share good times with like-minded people then what is the point? Life is short. Lets not get all serious and kill-joy about this, hey? So JOIN US today! 

A Look Back at a Magical 2017...

This is like the Christmas letter. You know the one. It comes with the Christmas card and fills you in on all the details from a busy year from friends and family when you don't get to catch up with one another very much. Hope you enjoy! Here goes:


It was an amazing year at Bodhi Tree Yoga. The year got off to a bang with a crazy Tapas week followed by workshops with Neil Pearson, Andrea Peloso and Colin and Sarah’s famous Valentine’s Couples mini-retreat.



The spring saw the launch of Saraswati Yoga Tours and a huge south India yoga adventure! Over 20 yogis joined Colin Hall and Dr. Nivedita Pingle on a two-week tour of South India with beach yoga retreats in Goa and exploring massive temples in Madurai.


In May Sarah was the recipient of the YWCA’s Women of Distinction Award. It was a win not just for Sarah, but for Bodhi Tree and for yoga generally in the Queen City and demonstrates just how much yoga has become woven into the fabric of our beautiful town.



We started our first ever Summer Intensive Teacher Training in June. It was a challenge to fit a full year of material into three weeks, but we did it and graduated a fresh new crew of yoga teachers in August.


Our Summer Sizzler unlimited yoga pass sold out and was a massive success. It is the best way to spend a summer in the city! Speaking of summer that also means Yoga Party in the Park, which was also a hit. Hundreds of yogis stretched, breathed, danced and laughed in Victoria Park. A particularly special moment came courtesy of our great friend Dev Kashyap (aka. DJ Inquilab Zindabad) blasting Tribe Called Red and getting a big yoga dance party going on Treaty Four land on Canada Day. Fantastic!



Sarah spent part of August in Sequim, Washington studying with Katy Bowman as she works her way toward becoming a certified Nutritious Movement educator (because why not add even more depth of knowledge and experience?) It was an epic family road trip that took us over 5000 km, three provinces, three states, and countless hours of 80s sing-alongs in the car.


When we got back home we drove to Winnipeg for the Prairie Love Festival where Sarah taught a huge main stage class focusing on alignment and movement. Colin taught a pranayama workshop in a beautiful yurt tucked away in the forest. It is a truly magical event and we are hoping that even more Saskatchewan folks will make the trip next year.


IMG_2015 (1).JPG

The fall saw Sarah becoming one of only three International Association of Yoga Therapists certified teachers in Saskatchewan (another one is Bodhi Tree’s own Meagan McIlymoyl.) We added another five classes/week to our Yoga for Backs program to deal with the 70-person waiting list.


We were featured in Prairie Dog magazine’s Best of Regina issue this year, when Sarah won for Best Holistic Health Practitioner and Colin won Best Small Business Owner.


We closed out the year with the most successful Twelve Days of Christmas promotion we have ever had. After twelve days of Facebook Live broadcasts with a giveaway from the Bodhi Boutique every evening, we racked up over 20,000 views and made some great connections with our amazing students.



Right now we are taking a few days off to spend with our friends and family, spending some cozy evenings in front of the fireplace, playing board games, drinking tea and reading our Christmas books. We are looking forward to yoga in the New Year, kicking off with Tapas Week 2018 with $5 drop-in classes with the best yoga teachers and the most diverse and well balanced schedule available in Regina.


From the Bodhi Tree family to yours, we wish you all the best in the New Year and hope that 2017 provided you with plenty of adventure, challenge, and accomplishment. May 2018 provide you with more of the same!

Teacher Training 2018: Now Accepting Applications

Think about it. What makes a great yoga teacher?

Is it the certificate on their wall? Have you ever even seen your teacher's certification? Most likely you don't even care. Students care about qualification more than certification. You want a yoga teacher who loves what they do. Someone who is passionate about yoga, thoughtful, talented, self-aware, and connected to something bigger than a handful of fancy-looking postures. Think about your ideal yoga teacher.


We help you become that teacher. Our training does not push you into deeper or more extreme postures. We introduce principles that build a comprehensive understanding of why we are doing those postures in the first place. Great yoga teachers place less value on which postures they teach and more value on why they are teaching them. Great yoga teachers are connected to a sense of purpose that only comes from an authentic understanding of the myriad moving parts of yoga. Anatomy, psychology, history, philosophy, and self-study all form the foundation of great yoga teaching.

All around Saskatchewan you will find yoga teachers certified to teach by Colin Hall and Sarah Garden. Over the past 15 years we have certified nearly 150 yoga teachers from Assiniboia to Melfort and everywhere in between. Those teachers are all free to teach however they like because we do not provide rules for them to follow. We provide the knowledge and understanding necessary to make and adjust your own rules depending on the students in your class.

Thinking about Teacher Training, but not keen on teaching classes right away? All the skills you pick up in this program are equally applicable to your own practice as they are to classes filled with eager students.

Think about it. If you could learn with the longest running, most successful, and most highly respected teacher training program in the province, would you do it? 

This is your chance. Our format allows you to maintain your existing work and family commitments while immersing yourself in monthly workshops that will excite, inform, and inspire. 

Get the application form and submit it by December 20th, 2017. We will contact you on December 21st to introduce you to your new yoga buddies so we can start this yoga adventure together in the new year.

Sarah and Meagan certified by International Association of Yoga Therapy

IAYT is committed to a certification of individual yoga therapists (C-IAYT) that is internationally recognized and respected - by yoga therapy practitioners and educators steeped in the yoga tradition, and by practitioners from other healthcare fields with whom yoga therapists work in partnership.


The IAYT recently grandparented (certified given her existing training, experience, and expertise) Sarah Garden as she becomes one of of only two IAYT certified teachers in Regina (the other one is Meagan McIlymoyl, who works with Sarah in Bodhi Tree's Yoga for Backs program.)

Anyone can call themselves a yoga therapist. You can find "yoga therapy" classes available almost anyway these days. But internationally recognized and respected practitioners and educators are a much more rare and valuable find. These are teachers who you can be sure have put in the time, study, and effort to deliver safe and effective therapeutic yoga for you and your loved ones.

Congratulations Sarah and Meagan! You are both part of the process of giving yoga therapy a seat at the table in terms of how we approach health care in this country and around the world. It is important work and at Bodhi Tree we could not be happier to a play a role in making yoga therapy more professional and accountable.


Bodhi Tree Has Your Back

Fourteen years ago we started a yoga therapy program for people with back pain. Through the years it has grown to the point where there was a long waiting list with dozens of people in pain and unable to get access to the yoga therapy program. We now have four amazing teachers which means we are able to expand in order to meet the demand for therapeutic yoga.

So often we get people in our classes who have been told they should not have back pain. This is primarily because of some misunderstandings and misconceptions. Here are three common ones we get all the time:

  1. Back pain comes from having a weak core. Actually, good muscle tone and core strength do not make you immune to back injury and pain.
  2. Back pain comes from poor alignment. Actually, poorly integrated movement can certainly lead to back pain; however there are many instances where pain and alignment are not related.
  3. Back pain comes from being overweight. Actually, this myth is SO pervasive and is absolutely incorrect. Being fat does not cause back pain.

The list of misconceptions could go on and on, but rather than telling you where back pain does not come it would be better to invite you to start working with us to reduce or eliminate your pain. We work within a community of many talented people in Regina and Yoga for Backs is an excellent compliment to your existing back health routine.

If you knew you could take steps to reduce or eliminate your back pain, would you do it? If you feel like Yoga for Backs would be a great addition to your life, contact us by phone, text, email or even social media. We are excited to start taking steps along with you to make a significant improvement in how you feel every day.

We have a few spaces open as a result of opening up six new classes to work through our waiting list. So contact us today or pass this information along to somebody who you think would benefit from it.

Faking Yogasms: A New Blog Post From Colin Hall

Some highlights:

"If you are new to yoga and want to find a authentic teacher, imitation is your main obstacle. As with mechanics, it is the skills and abilities of yoga teachers that set them apart and make them great. The mannerisms, clothing and culture of yoga are only convincing for novices. But somebody who has adopted the clothing and language of a yogi can easily pass for an authentic teacher if we are not paying attention."

"Yoga teachers should not be stars. Yoga students should not be fans. We don’t need any more idols. Authentic yoga practice is radically subjective. We need to apply yoga to our own life conditions rather than attempting to reproduce the life conditions of the yogis of past centuries. Authentic yoga does not mean ancient yoga. It means your yoga. Your insights, your struggles, and your transformation form the cornerstone of authentic yoga."

Here is the link to the full article:


Bloom: Savouring Spring with $5 Drop-ins from June 5-18th

Are you excited for summer?  So are we! But we want to celebrate the final weeks of spring by offering two weeks of $5 drop-in classes from June 5-18th.

Bloom is the perfect prelude to the Summer Sizzler. It is a chance for us to come together and savour the beauty and freshness of spring. It is easy to focus on the harshness of our winter, but the blossoming of spring in Saskatchewan is a stunning thing to behold.

Spring is when the earth comes back to life. The richness and fullness of the land returns to our beautiful prairie landscape and infuses the city with a feeling of optimism and growth. In the spirit of spring, we want you to enjoy all the best classes and teachers that Bodhi Tree has to offer this June for only $5/class.

Bloom is not just $5 classes though. We are also raising money for local organizations who are doing great thing and helping to make our province bloom. All the proceeds from Warm Bodhi Bliss on Friday, June 9th will be donated to our friends at The Cosmopolitan Learning Centre.  Cosmopolitan develops and delivers day program services for adults with disabilities. Warm Slow Bodhi Flow on Thursday, June 15th will be in support of Forever MicroRanch. Forever Microranch is an animal sanctuary committed to pursuing and advocating for a path of least harm toward all nonhumans, humans and the environment.

Meet Katy Bowman! Book Signing and Q & A Session at Bodhi Tree

If you have taken classes at Bodhi Tree, you have probably heard of Katy Bowman. She is a bestselling author, star podcaster, movement educator and all-round awesome person. And she is coming to Regina! Here is a chance to meet Katy and get one of your favourite books signed!


Seated will be limited so sign up in advance at 


About Katy Bowman, M.S.

With radical, science-based health directives, Katy has taken the health-and-wellness world by storm with her bold “exercise is not movement” platform. A biomechanist by training and a problem-solver at heart, she has helped thousands reduce chronic pain, increase bone density, and improve metabolic health through better movement.

The founder of Nutritious Movement, Katy is the bestselling author of multiple books. Diastasis Recti (2016), Whole Body Barefoot (2015), Don’t Just Sit There (2015), Move Your DNA (2014), Alignment Matters (2013), and Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief (2011) have been sold and translated worldwide.

Katy is a regular source for national health publications like Prevention and Self, and is regularly featured on radio, television talk shows, and news segments. Creator of the Aligned and Well™ DVD series, Katy’s groundbreaking work in pelvic floor restoration has made her particularly popular with midwives, OBGYNs, and others concerned with pelvic mobility, strength, and health.

Katy’s ability to blend a scientific approach with straight talk about sensible solutions and an unwavering sense of humor has earned her legions of followers. Her award-winning blog and podcast, Katy Says, reach hundreds of thousands of people every month, and thousands have taken her live classes.

In between her book-writing efforts, Katy travels the globe to teach the Nutritious Movement courses in person, and spends as much time outside as possible with her husband and two young children.

More - https://nutritiousmovement.com/


Bodhi Tree x Malty National = Yoga Beer Night (SOLD OUT)

Its a Saskatchewan classic. You meet somebody and discover you have mutual friends. I believe you can start up a conversation with anybody from this beautiful province and, if you talk long enough, you will discover you know some of the same people.

Have you met Malty National yet? They are the Queen City's newest microbrewery specializing in small batch IPAs, stouts, unusual ales. The beer is delicious. And they are great folks working in the same building as our friends from 33 1/3 Coffee and T&A Vinyl and Fashion in the Heritage Neighbourhood.

Colin will be your yoga sommelier for this evening of enjoying yoga, beer, and friend. We will be pairing four delightful beers (not full beers...don't worry you are not going to be too drunk for mountain pose by the end of the night) with four yoga sequences designed to complement the aroma, taste, body, and finish of the beer.

The class will be friendly for all levels

Clearly this is an adults-only event


Click here for tickets

Summer Sizzler - Unlimited Yoga Pass

For over ten years Bodhi Tree has been making summer in the city a beautiful thing. The Summer Sizzler is almost here, and like every year, the passes go on sale during the Cathedral Arts Festival Street Fair. Buy your Sizzler pass at the Arts Festival and you will be entered to win a $75 gift card for classes or props and clothing at the Bodhi Boutique.


Summer is an ideal time to immerse your self in a diverse and healthy yoga practice in a friendly and supportive environment. The summer schedule includes options for every mood, every body, and every day. Some highlights:


·      Tina Hnatiuk is back! We only have her for one class a week, but Tina’s Monday night Bodhi Flow will be putting smiles on yogi faces all summer.

·      Over forty classes a week with fourteen of Regina’s brightest, most talented, and experienced yoga teachers

·      Feeling like you need to chill? Bodhi Bliss, Breath & Meditation, and Yin classes will help you take the edge off

·      Want to get sweaty? Twelve flow and hot classes week to keep you moving

·      New to yoga or looking to work on the fundamentals? Bodhi One classes will keep you safe, informed, and always interested.


Passes will go on sale Saturday, May 28th at the Street Fair on 13th Ave and can be purchased online or at the studio after that. 

Yoga for La Loche

We realize this is short notice, but sometimes you need to act fast in order to be genuinely helpful. Please help us spread the word so we can fill up these classes and raise some serious money for our friends from the north in their time of need.

As you may know, the people who were injured in the attack in La Loche were evacuated to Saskatoon and are receiving treatment at Royal University Hospital. Family members have made the trip to be with them and are in need of funds for clothing, as they did not have time to pack for a longer trip. 

You can register for classes as usual at www.bodhitreeyoga.com and we will donate 100% of the proceeds from the evening to the people who need it the most right now. Yoga might not be able to stop tragedies like these from happening, but we can at least dedicate our practice to the people suffering as a result of them.


Being Here and Now

Being Here & Now: A Short Yoga Documentary

In winter of 2016 a journalism student approached us with an idea for a short documentary. We went along with it. Here it is.

Posted by Bodhi Tree Yoga on Friday, January 15, 2016

Bodhi Insider - the best value for unlimited yoga

A warm, relaxing yoga studio is a wonderful place to be on a cold, Saskatchewan day. Actually it’s a wonderful place to be on any day.

Imagine being able to take any one of our classes on any day you choose, as many times as you like. That is exactly what life is like for Bodhi Insiders. Not only do Insiders enjoy as many classes as they like, they also get one of the best deals we offer. Unlimited yoga… for $110 a month. Students and seniors get an additional 15% off.**

As if that is not enough, we will be offering discounts for upcoming workshops for Bodhi Insiders. The Bodhi Insider comes off your credit card once a month, so you don’t need to worry about renewing your pass or how many credits are left on your account.

There are a limited number of Insider passes available, so if you love yoga you are going to want to head over to our online store and make yourself a Bodhi Insider. 


**please see us the desk for the student and senior Insider passes. Thanks!