Bodhi Tree Has Your Back

Fourteen years ago we started a yoga therapy program for people with back pain. Through the years it has grown to the point where there was a long waiting list with dozens of people in pain and unable to get access to the yoga therapy program. We now have four amazing teachers which means we are able to expand in order to meet the demand for therapeutic yoga.

So often we get people in our classes who have been told they should not have back pain. This is primarily because of some misunderstandings and misconceptions. Here are three common ones we get all the time:

  1. Back pain comes from having a weak core. Actually, good muscle tone and core strength do not make you immune to back injury and pain.
  2. Back pain comes from poor alignment. Actually, poorly integrated movement can certainly lead to back pain; however there are many instances where pain and alignment are not related.
  3. Back pain comes from being overweight. Actually, this myth is SO pervasive and is absolutely incorrect. Being fat does not cause back pain.

The list of misconceptions could go on and on, but rather than telling you where back pain does not come it would be better to invite you to start working with us to reduce or eliminate your pain. We work within a community of many talented people in Regina and Yoga for Backs is an excellent compliment to your existing back health routine.

If you knew you could take steps to reduce or eliminate your back pain, would you do it? If you feel like Yoga for Backs would be a great addition to your life, contact us by phone, text, email or even social media. We are excited to start taking steps along with you to make a significant improvement in how you feel every day.

We have a few spaces open as a result of opening up six new classes to work through our waiting list. So contact us today or pass this information along to somebody who you think would benefit from it.