Faking Yogasms: A New Blog Post From Colin Hall

Some highlights:

"If you are new to yoga and want to find a authentic teacher, imitation is your main obstacle. As with mechanics, it is the skills and abilities of yoga teachers that set them apart and make them great. The mannerisms, clothing and culture of yoga are only convincing for novices. But somebody who has adopted the clothing and language of a yogi can easily pass for an authentic teacher if we are not paying attention."

"Yoga teachers should not be stars. Yoga students should not be fans. We don’t need any more idols. Authentic yoga practice is radically subjective. We need to apply yoga to our own life conditions rather than attempting to reproduce the life conditions of the yogis of past centuries. Authentic yoga does not mean ancient yoga. It means your yoga. Your insights, your struggles, and your transformation form the cornerstone of authentic yoga."

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