Teacher Training 2018: Now Accepting Applications

Think about it. What makes a great yoga teacher?

Is it the certificate on their wall? Have you ever even seen your teacher's certification? Most likely you don't even care. Students care about qualification more than certification. You want a yoga teacher who loves what they do. Someone who is passionate about yoga, thoughtful, talented, self-aware, and connected to something bigger than a handful of fancy-looking postures. Think about your ideal yoga teacher.


We help you become that teacher. Our training does not push you into deeper or more extreme postures. We introduce principles that build a comprehensive understanding of why we are doing those postures in the first place. Great yoga teachers place less value on which postures they teach and more value on why they are teaching them. Great yoga teachers are connected to a sense of purpose that only comes from an authentic understanding of the myriad moving parts of yoga. Anatomy, psychology, history, philosophy, and self-study all form the foundation of great yoga teaching.

All around Saskatchewan you will find yoga teachers certified to teach by Colin Hall and Sarah Garden. Over the past 15 years we have certified nearly 150 yoga teachers from Assiniboia to Melfort and everywhere in between. Those teachers are all free to teach however they like because we do not provide rules for them to follow. We provide the knowledge and understanding necessary to make and adjust your own rules depending on the students in your class.

Thinking about Teacher Training, but not keen on teaching classes right away? All the skills you pick up in this program are equally applicable to your own practice as they are to classes filled with eager students.

Think about it. If you could learn with the longest running, most successful, and most highly respected teacher training program in the province, would you do it? 

This is your chance. Our format allows you to maintain your existing work and family commitments while immersing yourself in monthly workshops that will excite, inform, and inspire. 

Get the application form and submit it by December 20th, 2017. We will contact you on December 21st to introduce you to your new yoga buddies so we can start this yoga adventure together in the new year.