Bodhi Collective - 54 Days of Integral Yoga


Yoga is not something that needs to happen on a sticky mat, in a studio, or by your self. Yoga is about how you live in your body, but also how you live in your mind and in the world. We believe that yogis are caring, creative, and courageous people who can make a difference in building a more thoughtful and just society.

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We have never hosted a 30-day yoga challenge.  We think they are boring and not all that much of a challenge. If all you do is practice some poses for 30 days, what exactly is being challenged or changed?



We like to do things differently. Bigger. Better.


Bodhi Collective is more than another yoga challenge. It is an opportunity to deepen your yoga practice in ways you haven’t imagined.

Do you want to explore and expand your idea of what yoga is? Do you want to be a part of something new, exciting, and leading-edge in modern yoga?


Bodhi Collective will take you on a journey that goes far beyond the postures. It will challenge you to integrate yoga into almost every aspect of your life. Bodhi Collective will take what you practice on your mat and help to integrate that with how you live in your community.

What is included?

  •   Unlimited drop-in classes for two months
  •   One Bodhi Collective workshop per week (Thursday nights from 730-9pm)
  •   Weekly emails with daily practices, readings, practices, meet-ups, and opt-in community             assignments
  •   Daily emails with suggestions for on and off the mat yoga practices
  •   Private Facebook group
  •   20% off all workshops at Bodhi Tree Yoga
  •   10% clothing, props, and accessories at Bodhi Boutique

All this for only $216

Think of this like a yogic “choose your own adventure.” You can opt-in for as many or as few of the opportunities as you choose. Here is a idea of what the 54 days will look like:

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 2.42.30 PM.png

One last thing...this is going to be FUN! If you can't enjoy yourself, have a few laughs, and share good times with like-minded people then what is the point? Life is short. Lets not get all serious and kill-joy about this, hey? So JOIN US today!