Bodhi Tree x Malty National = Yoga Beer Night (SOLD OUT)

Its a Saskatchewan classic. You meet somebody and discover you have mutual friends. I believe you can start up a conversation with anybody from this beautiful province and, if you talk long enough, you will discover you know some of the same people.

Have you met Malty National yet? They are the Queen City's newest microbrewery specializing in small batch IPAs, stouts, unusual ales. The beer is delicious. And they are great folks working in the same building as our friends from 33 1/3 Coffee and T&A Vinyl and Fashion in the Heritage Neighbourhood.

Colin will be your yoga sommelier for this evening of enjoying yoga, beer, and friend. We will be pairing four delightful beers (not full beers...don't worry you are not going to be too drunk for mountain pose by the end of the night) with four yoga sequences designed to complement the aroma, taste, body, and finish of the beer.

The class will be friendly for all levels

Clearly this is an adults-only event


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