Bodhi Insider - the best value for unlimited yoga

A warm, relaxing yoga studio is a wonderful place to be on a cold, Saskatchewan day. Actually it’s a wonderful place to be on any day.

Imagine being able to take any one of our classes on any day you choose, as many times as you like. That is exactly what life is like for Bodhi Insiders. Not only do Insiders enjoy as many classes as they like, they also get one of the best deals we offer. Unlimited yoga… for $110 a month. Students and seniors get an additional 15% off.**

As if that is not enough, we will be offering discounts for upcoming workshops for Bodhi Insiders. The Bodhi Insider comes off your credit card once a month, so you don’t need to worry about renewing your pass or how many credits are left on your account.

There are a limited number of Insider passes available, so if you love yoga you are going to want to head over to our online store and make yourself a Bodhi Insider. 


**please see us the desk for the student and senior Insider passes. Thanks!